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Understanding the Various Kinds of Transformers You Can Use in Your Business

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One cost effective way of generating electric power is to generate it with low levels of voltage. You can then store, transmit and distribute the electricity throughout your business, although the low voltage may not be enough to power up all the machines and equipment that you have. The good thing is that you can use transformers to help you generate the right amount of power that you need different sections on your premises. For your business needs, the following are a few types of transformers that you can go for:

Laminated Core Transformers

Laminated core transformers are both handy and portable. They are hand-held devices that allow you to convert the high-voltage power from the mains supply to low voltage that can be used by small devices or equipment within the premises. For example, you can use laminated core transformers to convert power from the mains supply to low voltage power extension leads. Ideally, laminated core transformers will come in handy when you need to supply power to numerous equipment yet you have few outlets. For example, during corporate events, a laminated core transformer will help you power up low voltage equipment at any power source with no risk of damaging the equipment.  

Step-up and Step-down Transformers

In your business premises, you are bound to have sections that need high voltage while others can do with low voltage. Step-up transformers will help you boost the voltage to meet the demands of machines that use a lot of power. For example, if the voltage coming in from the mains supply is low, you can use a step-up transformer to meet the voltage demands of sections that have boilers or electric cookers. On the other hand, a step-down transformer reduces the high voltage to low voltage that can be supplied to sections with minimal power needs. Unlike the laminated core transformers used for individual devices, step-up and step-down transformers are used to supply power to or from large grid such as on a building floor.

Outdoor and Indoor Transformers

Outdoor transformers are designed to withstand harsh conditions outside. For example, they can stand up to prolonged exposure to the sun or moisture without adverse effects on the performance or physical condition of the transformer. On the other hand, indoor transformers are designed to function within buildings and they can come with specialised features such as noise control. Keep this in mind when choosing a transformer to ensure that it doesn't inconvenience you.