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Should you take off your engagement ring for a job interview?

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A recent news article from a recruiter has suggested that women should take off their engagement rings for job interviews. If you are wondering if you should buy a big engagement ring if it can't be worn here are some things to consider. 

Pick the right jobs

It's illegal to select for a job on the basis of marital status so if an applicant feels that showing a visible sign of their marital status, such as an engagement ring, has thrown them out of the hiring process this can be a ground for suing the company. However, many applicants for jobs are more than happy to learn early if their hiring manager has a particular interest in them being single and prefer not to be hired for any company that would discriminate on the basis of marital status. You can consider this a weeding process on the employer! 

Try different jewellery for different occasions

If you do have a big and impressive ring that might not be suitable for all types of jobs, you might want to have different jewellery for different occasions. It might be useful to have a flatter style of stone setting or a band setting if you want a wedding ring, or this may be a good excuse to wear some other jewellery such as a lovely pair of diamond studs or a beautiful dress watch. You can chat to your jeweller about the range of options open to you.

If you still want to keep your ring with you even if you're not wearing it on your finger, you might want to try out adding it to a chain and wearing it as a sort of necklace. That way you won't be in danger of losing it and can still keep the memento with you.

If you do slip the ring off before an interview, put it somewhere safe

If you think that you'd like to wear your ring into the interview but change your mind at the last moment, make sure you have somewhere to safe to slip it into such as the coin purse in your wallet or a sealed pocket in your handbag. Many people have different reasons for not wearing their rings into job interviews, such as tending to fiddle with them, but it can be very stressful if you misplace the location of your ring and can't find it after the interview. 

If you are wondering what kind of ring might be best suited for wearing throughout your, or your fiance's career, it can be worth viewing the different options available at your local jewellers. Often taking a creative and open-minded approach to the issue and getting advice from experienced people can be the best way to decide on the ring design that suits you.