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Tips for Selecting Line Marking Stencil Paint for Your Parking Lot

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When you have a parking lot at your commercial property, it is essential that the lot is marked properly to ensure effective control and regulation of vehicles and even people moving in and out of your property. When considering line marking your parking lot, you will have to choose between traditional line marking methods that use wheeled machines and the modern methods that use stencils to mark. Each of these two methods has its benefits and drawbacks, but the use of stencils is usually more effective in a number of ways. However, you need to choose the correct type of stencil paints to use in your parking lot line marking project. Here are a few tips to help you.


What are the prevalent climatic conditions in your area? If your region experiences cold climate conditions, choose oil-based stencil paints for your parking lot. This is basically because these types of paints don't freeze. Icing or freezing can result in chipping or cracking, meaning your parking lot line marks may become less visible with time. This will be costly in the long run because you will have to remark your parking lot more often.

Flooding is another thing to consider when looking at climate conditions. If your area is prone to flooding, oil-based paints are the way to go. These paints have the ability to repel water so you don't have to worry about the longevity of your parking lot line marks during rainy seasons or winter. For an area that experiences the opposite kind of climate, that is, warm tropical climate without flooding, go for thermoplastic stencil paints.

Type of Paint

The type of paint to use is also another thing to have in mind. Rubber-, epoxy-, or acrylic-based paints are the major types available. Epoxy-based paints are oftentimes the strongest and are resistant to fading when exposed to sunlight for long periods. This means if you live in a sunny area, epoxy paints would be the most ideal. It also holds up well to chemical exposure. In addition, epoxy paints tend to have a higher adherence capacity than their counterparts. This means it can adhere well to smooth surfaces like smooth concrete.

When cost is a concern, choose rubber- and acrylic-based paints. They are usually cheaper than their epoxy-based counterparts. Unfortunately, they may not be as durable as the epoxy-paints because they tend to fade faster. Therefore, while they may cost you less at first, you could end up paying more because of the need for regular repainting.

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