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Why Powder Coating Is a Rising Trend in the Metal Finishing Market

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Although regular spray painting is the conventional coating process for metal products, powder coating is surging in popularity as its alternative. This trend in the metal finishing market can be attributed to the fact that powder coating offers some great advantages over traditional wet paint, and more and more people are getting to discover these advantages.

Keep reading to find out why powder coating is widely regarded as the perfect alternative to traditional wet paint.

Consistent finish

Liquid paint usually requires multiple applications to achieve a nice, smooth finish on metal parts. This is a painstaking job that may call for a highly experienced painter. 

Powder coating is a metal finishing process in which free-flowing dry powder is applied onto the substrate metal in an oven. This results in the uniform application of a single coat of powder, which delivers the desired aesthetics.


Unlike regular spray paint, powder coating is a completely chemical-free metal finishing process. No chemicals are needed to thin out the paint or clean up the mess created after a paint job. This helps to reduce the volume of harmful chemicals that may end up being released into the environment during and after the painting process.

Reduced material waste

The electrostatic process used in powder coating applications allows for maximum usage of the dry powder. The majority of the dry powder used in the powder coating process reaches its intended destination while the small percentage that does not can be collected and reused. This not only decreases material wastage but also helps to keep the costs of material purchases down. 

With normal spray painting, overspray cannot be collected for reuse: some of it gets lost to the wind while the rest will need to be cleaned up after paint application.


Even when it is properly mixed and applied, traditional wet paint can still fail in certain extreme conditions, especially in high-moisture or corrosive environments.

Powder coating achieves a thick, solid-coat state that creates a tougher finish than you usually get with liquid paint. Since the finished products get maximum protection from the elements, they tend to last longer than similar painted products. 

While powder coating offers many fantastic advantages over traditional liquid paint, it may not be suitable for all situations. To find out if powder coating is right for your intended application, feel free to consult the professionals at a metal fabrication company near you.