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How to Choose Custom Name Badges for Your Company

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Name badges are very important for just about any company where your staff needs to interact with members of the general public, or with regular visitors and guests. These badges can help break the ice and make those customers and clients more comfortable when speaking with your staff, and they can also help visitors find someone on your staff when they need assistance. Badges can also work as marketing materials, since you may have room to add a slogan, website, or something more than just a name! Read More»

Follow These Steps When Applying For a Spouse Visa

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If you are married or planning to become married to someone who is an Australian citizen, you have the option of applying for a spouse visa. Also called a partner visa, the spouse visa lets you live and work in the country along with your spouse. Here are some steps to follow when you need to get a spouse visa. Decide On the Right Visa The first thing you need to do is make sure you are applying for the right visa since there are several of them related to being in a relationship with someone who is a citizen of Australia. Read More»

Three ways to improve your office printing practices

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With many modern office environments making the move towards a paperless system, now is the ideal time to evaluate your office’s printing practices. To get you started, check out these three ways your office can improve its printing practices. Go green  Improving the environmentally friendliness of your office’s printing practices will help save trees, energy and emissions while also saving your business money. There are a variety of ways that your office can make printing a more sustainable exercise, including: Read More»