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PT Risk Assessments

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As a personal trainer and fitness instructor in a commercial or private gym, you’ll be required to perform workplace risk assessments on a regular basis, both for your classes and as part of a General Managers role, should you be adopting various occupations within the company. Performing these assessments not only ensures the safety of staff and members, but it also covers you in case of an accident and will be a basic requirement of your fitness and business insurance. Read More»

5 Tips for Dealing With Strata Disputes

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A strata manager helps organize and oversee properties with multiple owners and shared common spaces. As with any relationship, there can be issues and concerns. If you want to streamline the process of dealing with concerns, here’s what you need to consider. 1. Set Up a Strata Council Ideally, your community should have a strata council. This group should consist of resident owners of the strata property, and depending on the desires of your community, these individuals should be volunteers or elected representatives. Read More»

Tips for Selecting Line Marking Stencil Paint for Your Parking Lot

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When you have a parking lot at your commercial property, it is essential that the lot is marked properly to ensure effective control and regulation of vehicles and even people moving in and out of your property. When considering line marking your parking lot, you will have to choose between traditional line marking methods that use wheeled machines and the modern methods that use stencils to mark. Each of these two methods has its benefits and drawbacks, but the use of stencils is usually more effective in a number of ways. Read More»

Should you take off your engagement ring for a job interview?

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A recent news article from a recruiter has suggested that women should take off their engagement rings for job interviews. If you are wondering if you should buy a big engagement ring if it can’t be worn here are some things to consider.  Pick the right jobs It’s illegal to select for a job on the basis of marital status so if an applicant feels that showing a visible sign of their marital status, such as an engagement ring, has thrown them out of the hiring process this can be a ground for suing the company. Read More»

Manual or Powered? How to Choose the Right Wheelchair for You

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With so many models available, choosing a wheelchair can be an overwhelming experience. The biggest decision you have to make is between a manual or powered wheelchair. Both types of wheelchairs have benefits and disadvantages, so you need to consider your personal circumstances carefully to decide which is right for you. Advantages of Manual Wheelchairs Manual wheelchairs are much lighter than power wheelchairs, which can weigh more than 150 kg. If you are heavier than average, the combined weight of your body and a power chair could be too heavy for some wheelchair lifts to handle. Read More»

Understanding the Various Kinds of Transformers You Can Use in Your Business

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One cost effective way of generating electric power is to generate it with low levels of voltage. You can then store, transmit and distribute the electricity throughout your business, although the low voltage may not be enough to power up all the machines and equipment that you have. The good thing is that you can use transformers to help you generate the right amount of power that you need different sections on your premises. Read More»

How To Identify Common Turf Pests And Ways To Eliminate And Control Them

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Lawn pests are among the leading cause of lawn damage. It’s important you identify and control pests early enough before they multiply and completely destroy your turf. Below is a guideline on how to identify common lawn pests, and effective ways you can adopt to control and get rid of the pests. Moles The most common and sure sign that your lawn has moles is the presence of soil mounds or ridges appearing on the lawn. Read More»

Offseason Storage for Your Pontoon

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Summer is about to end and after all the fun you are wondering what you will do with your boat once the temperatures drop. If you are unable to hire a professional ‘winterizer’, work with this checklist and you are well.  In areas prone to snow, it is better to dry-dock. This is because ice can easily crack the hull of the pontoon and leave you with a bad experience.  These recommendations, however, apply to all regions. Read More»

Environmental Hazards: Why You Should Get Rid Of Asbestos At Your Work Site

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Asbestos is a name that defines a group of minerals (silicate compounds) that appear naturally in the environment as fibers. In the past, asbestos was favored in building and construction work because of its fire retardant properties. Nowadays, buildings are rarely built with asbestos, but still, you can’t ignore the fact that it could be present at the work site. So whether you are in charge of a demolition task or remodeling of an old building, you must take measures to ensure that asbestos is not present in the building. Read More»