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Important Factors to Consider when Buying a Water Tank Pump

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A water tank pump is an essential equipment that allows effective supply of water throughout your home. The pump operates by pushing water out of the tank regardless of its height to provide you with enough and pressurised water at various tap points in the house. It may also help in supplying water in your garden to maintain vegetation and decorate the homestead by maintaining green grass. A series of factors have to be considered before purchasing the tank in order to get the right specifications that will address your specific needs.

Distance to be Travelled by Water

The distance between your house and the tank is a major factor since it affects the power of the pump to be selected. Longer distances will require more powerful tanks in order to supply water to selected areas. You may also need a pump to supply water to a multi-story building by moving it against gravity to higher floors. Therefore, ensure you have the correct measurements of the distanced to be covered and the height to be travelled by water to get the correct pump for the job.

Water Pressure

You have to consider the use of water and the amount of pressure you need. Different water pressures are required for washing machines and toilets. For this case, you may need a low flow rate if you don't mind waiting for few more minutes to refill the washing machine bowl and toilet cistern. A more powerful pump that can push out water at a faster rate on the other side may be required for watering the garden and supply of showers in the bathroom. In addition, be keen to check the total pressure of the pump for cases where you might need multiple tap systems operating at the same time.

The Noise of Water Tank Pumps

The amount of noise produced by a water tank pump depends on the type and its general activity. To limit noise produced for free standing water pumps, you may build or purchase a water tank pump cover to enclose it. Apart from muffling the disturbing noise, it will also serve as a protection from external elements.

Usage of Energy

Choosing the biggest and most powerful pumps means drawing a lot of energy every time a tap is on. The more powerful a water tank pump is the more energy is consumed. Therefore, reduce the amount of times water is pumped to conserve energy and cut down on electricity bills.